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Welcome to
The Research Laboratory of Ruth Ashery-Padan

Investigating the molecular basis of visual system development

Our Research

Our research team is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that control the development of the visual system in mammals. We study the molecular, cellular and morphological processes that give rise to a functional organ. To this end, we design and employ genetic tools for state-of-the-art functional studies of genes in vivo. This is combined with analyses of gene-expression profiles for genomic studies using laser capture and single-cell sequencing technologies, biochemical and cell culture studies of transcription factor activity on target genes. We also study ocular cell types generated from human stem cells to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying the differentiation of human lineages, and to model human diseases.

Our findings have led to an understanding of the etiology of monogenic as well complex retinal diseases, toward a better prediction of individuals' susceptibility, and the design of stem cell-based models and future therapies for blinding diseases.

Research position

Open position for highly qualified and motivated PhD and Postdoctoral fellows to join a dynamic laboratory in the field of Molecular Developmental Biology. Candidates should have a degree in life sciences and preferably previous experience in laboratory work. Experience in bioinformatics and/or live cells imaging tools is an advantage.

Please send the C.V. and names of referees to Ruth Ashery-Padan at:


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