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Free Clash of Clans Gems Generator No hUMAN VeRiFiCaTiOn

Get Free Clash of Clans Gems.Free Coc Gems Generator.Unlimited Free Clash of Clans Gems,Free Gems Android iOS 2022..COC GEMS GENERATOR NO SURVEY


clash of clans free gems hack,without human verification. A brand new Clash of Clans cheats to get unlimited jewels, gold and elixirs.Clash of Clans is a game in which the combat system comes into focus. It is a free mobile game for Android and IOS systems.Clash Of Clans Gems generator Free 2022 Without Human Verification No Survey. Get unlimited Free Gems for Clash of Clans in 2022 with this new Generator


Get Ready for COC Gems Generator. It’s Free: updated in October 2022.


You will get everything through our Online Gems Generator. Click the below Button to see the Magic!

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Hack Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Elixir with this private tool.

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Just follow the step by step guideline and become the winner!

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As a Beginner, I felt very sad when I started playing. I only had 500 gems to start the game!

Most of my gems were spent to watch tutorials on how to protect my village and make builders.

Training the troops and upgrading them also required lots of Gems!

Then I discovered this awesome tool called COC Gems Generator. This has solved my problem.

Don’t feel sad! You will start this game with unlimited Gems.

Today, I will guide you step by step on how to get unlimited gems for free.

Your problem will be solved within 2 minutes if you use the COC Gems Generator.

Through this generator you will get Unlimited:



Dark Elixir

And most valuable Unlimited GEMS

It’s absolutely free of cost.

There are many online resources for free gems generator. But those are mostly a waste of your time. They will offer you surveys and will not provide Gems.

I have created a table of content for you to help you get unlimited gems for the game.

Table of Contents

What Are Gems In Clash Of Clans?

Why Gems Are Most Important In COC?

Clash of Clans Gems Generator 2022

5 Easy Steps to get Gems in COC

Is This COC Gems Generator Safe To Use

Advantages Of COC Gems Generator

Features of Clash of Clans Online Generator

Ways to get COC gems in 2022

What Are Gems In Clash Of Clans?

Gems are the premium currency. Gems are used to develop villages of the players.

You will get 500 Gems when you download the game. But you have to spend 250 Gems during the tutorial of the game.

The interesting part is you can earn extra Gems if you complete achievements or overcome obstacles. You can purchase Gems with real money.

Why Gems Are Most Important In COC?

You can purchase Pirate Flag, Mighty Statue, Builder’s Huts, resources such as Gold, Elixir, or Dark Elixir with different amounts of Gems.

Gems can be used to speed up the training in both Barracks, both Spell Factories, and Workshops.

You can use Gems to request for Clan Castle troops before the cooldown to do so expires.

Perform “Quick Donations”: donate troops to others without needing to train them.

To instantly complete the construction or upgrade of Buildings, upgrades in the Laboratory, upgrade the Heroes.

To speed up the production of Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills.

Speed up the healing rate of the Heroes.

To Purchase Shields, Magic Items.

To purchase additional slots for War Bases in the Village Edit Mode.

Gems are available to purchase in the Treasure menu of the Shop. For more information on prices in multiple currencies, please visit In-App Purchases.

if you want to know how to earn Gems in the game.

Clash of Clans Gems Generator 2022

As I said before, there are many tools for Gems.

Don’t be fooled! They won’t work anymore. They will ask for surveys and human verification.

Most of the time they will not give you the Gems. Total waste of your time.

Many gamer like you have been asking how to get free gems in .

After That, We created an online generator tool for gems. COC Gems Generator tool is a cloud base server.

The private server is so fast and makes signals online when the user gives username and select the amount of Gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark elixir.

Then the online server encrypts all data and connects to the server and generates free items for you.

5 Easy Steps to get Gems in COC

5 steps to get coc gems for free

Step #1: Visit the main page of the COC Gems Generator

Please click the generate now button and visit the main page of these tools.

Step #2 Gives Username and Select Device

In this step, you need to give your clash of clans account username and select your device.

Now click the next button.

Step #3 Choose amounts of gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark elixir.

Here we provide an option for how much gold and gems you want. Please select your desired amount and click the Start Giveaway button.

Step #4 Connecting to the Server

Please wait a few seconds for the server connecting. Our server checks your username and connects your account with our private tool.

Step #5 Collect Your Gems

After 4 steps this is the last and final step.

Our server can automatically verify you and send gems and gold on your account.

If not, please click the ‘verify now’ button.

After these steps, we send your amount of gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark elixir for free.

Is This COC Gems Generator Safe To Use

YES, is safe to use. This tool has been developed by a number of game developers who have ensured that it is safe and risk-free to use.

This tool can be used in different browsers, any devices, and any platform. This is the best private server.

We have SSL security for you. it’s secure. We won’t let anyone else to use your information. So, there is no chance to catch clash of clans supercell server.

Advantages Of COC Gems Generator

You are lucky to find out the best Gems Generator for clash of clans. This has many advantages and it is user friendly. This is reliable too!

Using this tool will give you the following advantages:

Unlimited COC resources : The best advantage is you will get unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir with this tool.

99999 Gems in just 2 minutes: This sounds cool! Yes, it’s true that with COC Gems generator you will get 99999 Gems, Gold, and Elixir in just 2 minutes. This 2 minute is worth it for you.

No Human Verification: This awesome tool doesn’t require any Human Verification. There are many tools online to generate COC Gems; but I am sure that this is the best tool ever. So, don’t get cheated. Our server will automatically verify your identity.

No Survey Required: Surveys are a waste of your time and it is a boring thing to do. No one likes surveys. Our COC private server is free from surveys which makes this tool special than other tools available online. You can access all the features and advantages without any hard work.

Features of Clash of Clans Online Generator

Super-fast server- Our dedicated COC private server is super-fast. It is always updated and maintained by the experts.

User friendly- This tool has been developed by the programmers. We created this tool user friendly. Most of the gamers are using mobile devices. So, we created this tool mobile friendly. This is compliance with all devices.

No virus- Our server is highly sensitive to viruses and threats. Every day maintenance is done to keep the server free of viruses.

No Verification- Our tool does not ask you for any verification. It will automatically verify you.

No survey- With this tool you will not require to undergo any survey.

Ways to get COC gems in 2022

Here I will guide you 5 ways to get Gems in clash of clans. Let’s start…..

Removing Obstacles

You will find about 40 obstacles in your home village and builder base. These are plants and rocks. These need to be removed to build something on that spot. If you remove rocks, it will cost you Gold. To remove plants will cost you Elixir.

You can earn Gems by removing obstacles. The Gems amount differs from 0 to 6. This is predetermined.

This follows a patter like 6, 0, 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 0, 0, 5, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0.

This will repeat after reaching to the end. This pattern will not change. This will keep repeating over and over.

Leave space for plants to regrow.

In the game plants will appear every eight hours interval. This allows you to remove them and earn more gems.

Plant will not appear if you do not left any space in the village.

You have to keep at least eight tiles empty to make the plants appear and grow.

Remember that Rocks do not come back as the Plants do.

Earn the achievement.

Removing obstacles will bring you achievements. You will get five Gems if you clear five obstacles and get ten gems by clearing fifty obstacles. You can get 20 Gems by removing 500 obstacles. Click here to see the list of achievements.

Completing Achievements

This part is very interesting to me. Clash of Clans rewards you with Achievements if you complete certain goals in the game. Goals like winning battles, upgrading buildings, and collecting gold (please check out the list). You can earn rewards and gems by completing these achievements.

Earn more Gems by completing relatively difficult achievements.

Try to earn these achievements as soon as possible. You can see your current progress by opening Achievements Screen.

There are three levels in each achievement. Each level has increased rewards.

As per my calculation, you can earn up to 8,637 Gems by completing all available achievements.

Fight other players.

Clash of Clans is a battle game. The most valuable achievement in this game is to win over other players. Below are some of the high value achievements-

League All-Star: Join Crystal League and earn 250 gems. Join the Master League and earn 1000 gems. Earn 2000 gems by becoming the champion.

Sweet Victory: In multiplayer battles if you earn trophies, you will get gems. You can get up to 450 gems by winning 1250 trophies.

Firefighter – Destroy your opponent’s Inferno Towers. Earn 1000 Gems by destroying 5000 towers.

War Hero – Earn this achievement by winning stars in War Battles. You can earn 1000 gems by scoring 1000 stars.

Spoils of War – to earn this achievement, collect gold from Clan War bonuses. Get 1000 gems by earning 100,000,000 gold.

Friend in Need – Donate reinforcements to your allies and earn this achievement. You can earn 250 gems by donating 25000 reinforcements.

Unbreakable – achieve this by successfully defending your village from attackers. You can earn 100 gems by defending 1000 attacks.

Complete lesser achievements.

The game contains various achievements which are related to combat. Although these are not handsome amounts of gems, you can still earn them by upgrading your town, removing obstacles, upgrading Town Hall, stealing gold, unlocking units like Archer, Dragon and completing the Campaign.

You can earn up to 20 Gems for completing these achievements.

Claim your achievement rewards.

Please remember that your achievement rewards will not be added until you claim them. Click on Claim Reward Button in the Achievement list after completing each achievement. You need to do this manually every time you complete an achievement.

After completing an achievement, you’ll see a Claim Reward button in the Achievements list. Tapping this button will reward you with the Gems for completing the achievement. You’ll need to manually collect your rewards whenever you complete an achievement, or your rewards will just sit there.

Make sure that you check your list regularly and claim your rewards. There is no benefit by keeping them unclaimed.

Manage and upgrade your Gem Mine.

At Town Hall level 4, you will find the “Gem Mine” building that is broken. This can be rebuilt/repaired in Builder Base level 3. This mine produces 4.8 Gems a day and will add up over time. So, don’t forget to upgrade the Gem Mine.

Use Clock Tower every day to boost the production rate.

Spending Your Gems Wisely

At the starting point you will be awarded 500 Gems. you are forced to spent 250 Gems during the tutorials. I would suggest you not to spend any more gems under any circumstances.

Use these gems to speed up the build times of your village. You will need these Gems later.

During the tutorials you would be suggested to spend Gems to speed up production. But you can ignore these suggestions to save your Gems. Don’t waste your Gems.

It is not possible to save the 250 Gems during the tutorials. But you are spending them on a Builder’s Hut. This is required for the game. So, you are not actually wasting your Gems.

Don’t buy resources with Gems.

Buying resources can save your time. But these resources can be earned by playing the game. So, whenever you are prompt to buy resources with your gems, just ignore them.

Don’t speed up timers with Gems.

In this game you will be constantly reminded to speed up times by spending your Gems. For most of the players this is just a waste of Gems. So, don’t spend Gems to speed up timers. Instead, you can play a different game for a while.

Put all of your Gems towards Builder’s Huts first and foremost.

It is wise to spend Gems to build Builder’s Hut. After building all five builder’s hut you can spend gems on other resources. Because Builder’s Hut is the most important thing in this Game.

For Android user : Download the Google Opinion Rewards App

If you are an Android user, you can download the Google Opinion Rewards App. This app will send marketing surveys to you occasionally. You will need a few minutes to complete them. You will be rewarded Google Play credit for completing them. Spend this free Play Store credit on Clash of Clans Gems. Sometimes these surveys even award $1.00.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app. If you use an Android device, you can install the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store. This app will send you the occasional marketing survey, and you’ll be rewarded Google Play credit for completing them. You can then spend this free Play Store credit on Clash of Clans Gems. Most surveys only take a few seconds to complete, and award between $0.10 and $1.00.

This App is Safe. But this App is not available for ios users.

You have to sign in using your google account.

Please enable your location service so that you get many surveys based on your location.

Complete as many surveys as you can. You will get awards in your Play Credit.

Open the Gems Store in the game and buy a pack you can afford. Make sure your Google Play balance is selected as the payment method during the checkout process


Free Clash of Clans Gems Generator No hUMAN VeRiFiCaTiOn

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